Greetings from Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs)


The university community is putting its utmost effort in enhancing its academic reputation as the top research university in the country. We have also been globally recognised as one of the Top 200 universities globally for engineering and technology in 2012.


This feat, along with other remarkable achievements in academic, research, community engagement and global outreach activities is made possible with the support of the university community, especially our students at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


Our students are known to have the technical know-how and the resilience to deliver and perform. The vision of the university is to bring this further – by encouraging the students to be more proactive in their personal and professional development through various initiatives introduced locally and internationally.


We would like our students to be able to function in a multidisciplinary environment, to have the global perspectives and appreciation towards the diversity brought about by the inflow and outflow of students and staff into the university, and to possess the competencies that enables them to compete in a borderless environment.


Most importantly, we hope our students would have a fulfilling campus experience throughout their study in UTM. The impact of their UTM experience should also go beyond their university life, as our graduates should always strive to contribute to the well being of communities and national development.


To our students – prospective, current and graduates; local and international; full- or part time, the young and the young-at-heart; I look forward to work closely with you in creating your unique, impactful UTM experience.


Warm regards,


YBRS Prof. Dr. Shamsul bin Sahibuddin
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs )

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia