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About Our Public Health Unit Services

The Public Health Unit of UTM Health Centre started in 2015. Previously public health related issues were handled by paramedics. Currently, the Public Health Unit consists of one Penolong Pegawai Kesihatan Pekerjaan (PPKP) and either one Pembantu Perawatan Kesihatan (PPK) or Pembantu Operasi (PO) to maintain public health in UTM.

Image 1 : Fogging.

Image 2 : Sanitization.

Image 3 : Food Premises Inspection.

Our Public Health Unit provides the following services:

  • The Public Health Unit manages infectious disease including vector-borne disease, food safety in campus and other public health concerns. It works closely with the Kulai Health District Office to ensure public health issues are managed accordingly.
  • Vector controls such as larviciding and thermal fogging are done in-house. Cafeterias are inspected regularly to ensure campus residents get safe and healthy food.
  • The unit is also involved in giving health education to the UTM residents by using banners, posters, brochures and social media regarding health issues.

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