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1.0.            INTRODUCTION University Health Center provides hemodialysis treatment method for which the hemodialysis machine used, operated and maintained by the patient. By the patient and his aides must have prior training in hemodialysis unit at any hospital.   2.0.           USER CONDITIONS 2.1.      User Priority 2.1.1. At any time when the number of patients requiring dialysis are more than limit the ability of existing hemodialysis machines, the University may enter, bring out or retain any patient based on the following priority order :

I. Staff

II. Students

III. Staff’s Spouses (Husband/wife)

IV. Staff’s children

V. Pensioner

VI. Staff’s liabilities other than III and IV

VII. Pension liability

VIII. others than above

2.1.2. University will not pay any compensation to any of the patients discharged from this facility for any reason.   2.2.      Equipment, Materials and Services Payment. 2.2.1. University liability University will support all the equipment, materials and services for the following patients:

I. Staff

II. Staff dependents

  2.2.2. Non- liability of the University University will not be liable for all equipment, materials and services to patients other than 2.2.1. They are required to:

I.  Prepare and keep its own materials and consumables specific items (attachment).

II. Payment for the service and maintenance at the rate prescribed by the University.

2.2.3. Students University will only bear the equipment, materials and dialysis services with all other medical expenses for students up to RM5, 000 in one session as set out under 3:12 in the Student Health Service Scheme.   2.3.     Assistant during treatment  Only patients with their well-trained assistants are allowed to undergo any treatment.   2.4.      Risk liability Any risks before, during and after treatment whether it related or not related with  to dialysis treatment is not included under the  University liability. Patients or any of their claims are not entitled to claim or sue university in any problems that arise directly or indirectly from this treatment.    2.5.      Replacement Treatment  2.5.1  Students University will support and manage to get another place for them to undergo treatment in case of any event at the University of treatment can not be performed during the scheduled time.   2.5.2  Staff and Liability  Patients are required to arrange for a home elsewhere for their treatment in the event of any circumstances which could not be carried out during the treatment schedule. Treatment expenses will be borne by the University.   2.5.3  Non-Liability of the University Is the responsibility of managing the patient’s own and other places for them to get treatment in case of any event at the University of treatment can not be performed during the scheduled time.   3.0.   TREATMENT REGULATIONS    3.1      The number of Users Machine limitation A machine is only allowed to use no more than 3 people. If there are more than three people,  facility permission will be given to patients based on consumer preferences as mentioned under matter 2.1.   3.2       Treatment  schedule  Patients are allowed to undergo treatment in accordance with the appointment schedule by the University.   3.3      Patients and assistant Responsibilities  All operation treatment and machine should be done by the patient and his assistant.  Guidelines the responsibility of the patient and the assistant as an attachment.   3.4     University Staff  Responsibilities University staff are treatment adviser only.